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General Questions

What is geofencing?

Geofencing lets you grant access to specific device features based on its location by creating a virtual boundary. SOTI has advanced geofencing capabilities that provides entry/exit alerts to easily manage fleet efficiency or manage assets and theft prevention. Learn more about geofencing.

What is lockdown mode?

Lockdown mode lets you restrict a mobile device to business-critical apps. It “locks out” apps or data which can negatively impact worker productivity or device and data security. Single-app Kiosk Mode is another application of lockdown that can be used in retail, airports and digital signage applications. Learn more about lockdown.

What happened to SOTI Pocket Controller?

SOTI Pocket Controller was retired in 2020. The features of SOTI Pocket Controller can now be found in SOTI Assist. Learn more about the retirement of SOTI Pocket Controller.

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