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SOTI Research Chair Announced

In partnership with Toronto Metropolitan University, SOTI Aerospace Announces Dr. Guangjun Liu as

SOTI Research Chair

SOTI Aerospace: Research Chair Announcement

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Taking mobility to
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SOTI Aerospace brings forth
a new era for the company

SOTI is the world’s most trusted provider of mobile and IoT management solutions. Our new aerospace division, SOTI Aerospace, ushers in a new era for the company. Working with industry-leading researchers, scientists and engineers, and academia from around the world, SOTI is initially investing $20 million (USD) to fund its new aerospace division.

SOTI CEO Carl Rodrigues

Carl RodriguesPresident & CEO

Our research is focused on vision-based hardware and software systems to support self-navigating situationally aware aerial drones.

We are working with the best and brightest researchers, scientists and engineers from around the world on this journey. While our research is currently focused on healthcare applications, we see many other possibilities of how this technology can be applied.

SOTI Aerospace brings together a team of international experts to build the next generation of aerial technology

Initial applications will be focused on the medical sector and search and rescue operations. Vision systems for indoor environments, including self-learning, situational understanding, automatic location of people and objects, self-navigation and smart avoidance are among the early priorities.

SOTI Aerospace brings together a team of international experts to build the next generation of aerial technology.
The SOTI ONE Platform

Remote Management and Diagnostic Powered by the SOTI ONE Platform

SOTI Aerospace drones are integrated with the SOTI ONE Platform, allowing administrators to remotely manage and support individual or fleets of drones. Some of the features built into every SOTI Aerospace drone include:

  • Central monitoring with location awareness and tracking via SOTI MobiControl

  • Real-time remote diagnostics and troubleshooting of issues, along with access to remote analytics to understand operating data via SOTI XSight

  • Remote firmware and software upgrades for drones and base stations via SOTI MobiControl

Advanced Research

  • Intelligent Visual Systems

    Real-time 3D mapping of spaces, routing, spatial understanding and learning with situational awareness.

    SOTI Aerospace features intelligent virtual systems
  • Dynamic Drone Shape

    Robotics based dynamic skins/frames to increase stability and minimize power consumption.

    SOTI Aerospace's drone shape reduces turbulence and minimizes power consumption
  • Intelligent Routing

    Awareness based indoor navigation with optimized/dynamic pathways, obstacle avoidance, and interaction with machines and other systems to facilitate intelligent navigation.

    SOTI Aerospace features indoor-based intelligent navigation
  • People Safe Hardware Design

    Research physical characteristics of drones to make them suitable for safe indoor use - people safe and pet friendly.

    SOTI Aerospace's hardware design is suitable for safe indoor use
  • Voice/Natural Language Control

    Control drones via voice, natural language, gestures or from an app.

    SOTI Aerospace drones can be controlled via voice, natural language or from the app

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SOTI Aerospace is a division of SOTI Inc., focused on advanced aerial drone and robotics research. SOTI’s two decades of success has built strong partnerships with leading mobile platform providers and device manufacturers to commercialize its expansive R&D portfolio. With unparalleled insight into new technology and cutting-edge innovation, SOTI Aerospace further expands SOTI’s commitment to empower businesses to take mobility to endless possibilities.