Analyzing the SOTI ONE Platform

SOTI ONE Product Services

Take Your Business-Critical Mobility Strategy to the Next Level

SOTI ONE Platform Takes Your Business-Critical Mobility Strategy to the Next Level

When it comes to your mobile strategy, there’s no time for downtime. SOTI ONE Product Services provides a comprehensive portfolio of included services SOTI has designed to specifically fast-track and optimize the deployment of your SOTI ONE Platform strategy.

With decades of experience designing a mobility platform, SOTI ONE Product Services includes integrated and unparalleled access to the key services you need from day one to maximize your investment in SOTI’s award-winning technology.

Essential to your business, SOTI ONE Product Services offers industry-leading resources necessary to ensure your business-critical operations and infrastructure are designed for success.

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Industry-Leading SOTI ONE Product Services

  • SOTI Support Services
    SOTI Support Services
  • Software Updates and Upgrades
    Software Updates and Upgrades
  • Antivirus and Advanced Cybersecurity
    Antivirus and Advanced Cybersecurity
  • SOTI Location-Based Service
    SOTI Location-Based Service
  • SOTI Skin Catalogue Service
    SOTI Skin Catalogue Service
  • Device Agent Delivery and Building Service
    Device Agent Delivery and Building Service
  • SOTI Identity
    SOTI Identity

Every step of the way, our experts take the time to learn about your business and the mobility challenges it faces. Telephone, email and SOTI Live Remote Support service sessions ensure you get the technical and product support you need to reduce the cost, complexity and downtime associated with your mobile investments. You are never alone with SOTI Support Services, with a mobile expert available to assist.

Ensure your infrastructure is always up-to-date with the latest enhancements to the SOTI ONE Platform. Seamlessly deployed, at unmatched speeds, push updates with a click of a button with ease. Support for enhancing current versions, and two previous major versions are included if software issues are experienced.

Industry-leading partnerships which work against all e-threats, from viruses, worms and Trojans, to ransomware, zero-day exploits, rootkits and spyware without compromising battery life or performance. Peace of mind your data is protected when threats are detected.

Make smarter and informed decisions by always having visibility with the ability to locate, track, and remote into your managed and unmanaged devices with award-winning technology developed over 20 years. Anywhere, any place, anytime.

Exclusive access to an online library of the industry’s broadest form factors and operating systems to give real-time support across your mobile device infrastructure.

Exchange information, easily push changes and more across Android Plus, Apple, Linux, Windows Desktop Classic, Windows Mobile/CE, Windows Modern and printer platforms.

Centralized user authentication, single sign-on and role management which empowers organizations to create seamless, integrated mobility management workflows.

In today’s complex world, SOTI ONE Product Services connects innovation with seamless execution when investing in the SOTI ONE Platform. Included from day one is access to complimentary services that provide an unmatched experience designed for your business-critical mobility needs. Fast-track your investment today with services that are designed specifically to support a reliable and scalable mobile strategy. Ensure your mobile investments are up and running in days, not weeks or months, with our specialized SOTI ONE Platform Services offering available for rapid implementation.