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How are you managing your business-critical mobile operations?

SOTI and Microsoft Azure: Your Devices. Your Data. Your Cloud. Your Way.

The SOTI ONE Platform allows all companies in all industries to maximize the uptime of their mobile deployments in the field, the productivity of the workers who rely on them, and ultimately increase the satisfaction of their customers:

  • SOTI Snap streamlines the time and resources required to build and deploy the essential apps your field workers need.

  • From deployment to retirement, managing the lifecycle of any device is smart and simple with SOTI MobiControl.

  • Leverage advanced diagnostics and analytics to improve device performance and reduce operating costs of business-critical mobile operations with SOTI XSight

  • Manage your business-critical mobile and industrial printers with SOTI Connect.

  • Use SOTI Identity to securely access the SOTI ONE Platform and visit SOTI Pulse to interact with SOTI customers and partners from all over the world.

Microsoft Azure's open and flexible cloud computing platform, together with SOTI’s Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution, allows your business to enable quick scalability, improve operational efficiencies and develop innovative ways to engage customers, all while reducing costs.

With SOTI and Azure, you can bridge your current IT Infrastructure to the Cloud and uncover new possibilities to drive your business forward.

Why Use Microsoft Azure for Your Instance of the SOTI ONE Platform?

  • Powerful Security

    SOTI MobiControl lets you lock devices the moment they go missing, while key data is still safe in Azure and ready to be downloaded to a new device.
  • Reliable Performance

    SOTI on Azure delivers the uptime availability your business demands. Cloud resiliency ensures issues are identified and resolved before they impact your company’s productivity.
  • Reduce Costs

    Lower your overall infrastructure requirements by eliminating unnecessary maintenance expenses and other capital costs.
  • Single-Tenant Hosting

    Our private Azure cloud infrastructure isn’t shared with other tenants; giving you total control over versioning of the SOTI ONE Platform.
  • Operational Benefits

    Expedite operational efficiency while reducing IT overhead costs.
  • Compliance and Management Benefits

    Improve the effectiveness of managing the regulatory challenges of your industry.

Your SOTI ONE Platform on Your Microsoft Azure Cloud

Efficient, Cost-Effective and Readily Reliable 24/7 Access to Your Enterprise Mobility Management Solution.

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