The SOTI ONE Platform Races to Solve Troubleshooting and Security Issues for Trek Bicycle Corporation

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Trek Customer Story Video

Since 1976, Trek Bicycle Corporation (Trek) has been determined to create the highest quality bikes and bring forth the joy in cycling for all. From a humble beginning, President John Burke and his father created something special for cyclists. The company offers a variety of bikes and apparel to suit each individual customer’s needs. Trek has 17 offices around the world, operating in over 80 countries, with three major warehouses in the U.S. and three in Europe.

The Challenge

Before using SOTI MobiControl, Trek struggled with three major challenges - troubleshooting device issues, device security and overall insight into its rugged device fleet, such as battery life and device location. The IT team responsible for managing Trek’s data collection platforms and processes was struggling to efficiently troubleshoot hardware issues, perform security updates and monitor device health. The team also lacked visibility on where their device scanners were, who was using them and if they were working properly. This led to hours of unnecessary downtime. With Trek’s high standard and commitment to its retailers, it needed an integrated solution that would solve the multiple mobility challenges identified.

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The Solution

Trek’s team collaborated with its long-time technology provider, RMS Omega Technologies, to evaluate Enterprise Mobility Management tools. RMS Omega recommended the SOTI ONE Platform to ease mobile device challenges. It was clear that SOTI MobiControl would streamline and simplify its current processes to locate, manage and monitor its fleet while seamlessly rolling out necessary updates and security patches. Additionally, with the help of SOTI XSight’s remote features, the team’s Help Desk was able to proactively monitor device performance, provide fast user support and ultimately prevent downtime.

The Results

SOTI MobiControl and SOTI XSight have improved operational and worker efficiencies to support surging production and shipping demands. With the help of SOTI, and the team from RMS Omega Technologies, Trek’s improved device visibility enables it to monitor how, when and where its devices are being used. The time spent providing device support and updates has decreased from hours to minutes.

An unexpected benefit from the implementation of the SOTI ONE Platform is the time saved on employee onboarding. SOTI MobiControl has allowed IT staff to easily set up and configure a device by dragging and dropping a folder in the system. With SOTI XSight, the IT team can now quickly diagnose, support and troubleshoot issues remotely while allowing distribution facilities to ship same-day orders out. This ensures retailers have stock for cyclists to enjoy their next ride.

“The SOTI MobiControl and SOTI XSight implementation has helped reduce downtime, and we are pleased to see its positive impact on Trek’s operations so far. We look forward to continuing to support our longtime customer and their future technology advancements.”

Peter Vatenos, VP of Marketing & Principal

RMS Omega