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TCC Customer Story

The Steve Holmes Group operates in North America, providing optimization services for MEDITECH software, an on-premise Electronic Health Record (EHR) system. The company prides itself on going the extra mile to assist organizations in optimizing the utilization of MEDITECH software and providing tested and supported solutions to guarantee the successful implementation of new software.

The Challenge

For over 20 years the Steve Holmes Group travelled to hospitals training staff on MEDITECH software and their Zebra devices, which allow you to collect and retrieve information and access EHR from the palm of your hand. Arobust solution was needed to reduce cost and time associated with device upgrades, downtime and training. Working with customers to complete renewals and upgrades was taking more than 12 hours. With no way to access devices remotely, hospitals spent time shipping devices back and forth to the Steve Holmes Group, which often took three to five days. Hospitals were unfamiliar with device management solutions and had concerns with setup process and the support they would receive.

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The Solution

With SOTI MobiControl, the Steve Holmes Group overcame business challenges with the ability to update and troubleshoot devices remotely. Rather than travelling to hospitals, their client now receives the Zebra device, connects to Wi-Fi and have the device running through SOTI MobiControl in under 10 minutes. This process minimizes device downtime and configuration requirements. Each step of the configuration is now automatic and upgrades are completed in real-time. To assist in a positive onboarding experience, the Steve Holmes Group provides hospitals with superior training and setup assistance for all devices under management.

The Results

Using SOTI MobiControl, the Steve Holmes Group has saved the hospitals they work with over $8,500 USD per device for configuration upgrades and staff training. Hospitals are seeing major improvements when it comes to saving time and reducing the costs of upgrades. Moving forward, the Steve Holmes Group plans to further leverage the capabilities of SOTI ONE Platform and continue to provide a superb experience for customers.

“Healthcare providers globally rely on Zebra mobile computers to complete all their tasks on one device and with greater accuracy. Together with SOTI, companies like The Steve Holmes Group, can improve turnaround time and keep the devices in the hands of clinical workers so they can focus on what matters most, patient care.”

Chris Sullivan, Senior Director, Vertical Marketing

Zebra Technologies