TCC Cuts Downtime and Saves Over $108K USD Annually Using SOTI MobiControl

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TCC Customer Story

Transportadora Comercial Colombia S.A. (TCC) is a package transport company based in Antioquia, Colombia. With more than 50 years experience in the transportation and logistics industry, TCC provides an array of transportation services. The company provides express parcel services to international cargo, national land and air cargo transport. TCC also specializes in procurement logistics, warehouse management and distribution services. The team collaborated with their partner, Wireless and Mobile, to assist them with their digital transformation process.

The Challenge

With more than 36,000 deliveries daily, technology became critical to optimizing TCC’s processes. When the company began utilizing mobile devices in its operations, each one was manually managed. When devices failed, they had to be repaired onsite, as they were not accessible remotely. This was challenging as staff were unable to locate or track active devices.

The team wanted to provide staff with world-class tools, to allow them to deliver the quality service TCC customers expect. The company was challenged with finding devices that fulfilled each department’s unique needs, that could be managed from one console without having to utilize multiple Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems.

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The Solution

Before using SOTI MobiControl, TCC had to physically connect a cable to each device to provide software updates and resolve device issues. Since adopting SOTI MobiControl, TCC can now update devices remotely and install them overnight. This has significantly reduced downtime during working hours.

Alongside their technology provider Wireless and Mobile, the team looked to find the best solution to optimize operations, which unanimously was the SOTI ONE Platform. With SOTI MobiControl, TCC has been able to generate software updates, manage inventory, complete massive installations and control equipment remotely without disrupting its daily operations.

The Results

Since TCC has expanded its fleet of devices, EMM has become even more critical to its operations. SOTI’s technology allows the company to easily configure and successfully manage its distribution points while keeping data secure and providing a seamless experience for its customers.

TCC has saved 400 working hours each month and over $108K USD annually by simplifying the management of its business-critical mobility solutions, allowing the team to improve their operations and fulfill the company brand promise of “TCC Delivers.”

"We are Latin American leaders in the development and implementation of mobile solutions for companies. When our client TCC asked us to accompany them in optimizing their mobility management, we did not hesitate to suggest SOTI MobiControl as the critical solution for our client’s operations, providing great performance and high-quality service.”

William Ismael Morales Mogollon, CEO

Wireless and Mobile