Rosti Mobile Device Operations Increased Productivity by 40% with SOTI MobiControl

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For decades, Rosti has been a globally renowned expert in providing industry-leading plastic injection and contract manufacturing services. It manages projects from the earliest design stage through to the logistics and delivery of a finished product and strives to be a dedicated, innovative partner. Rosti’s mission is to specialize in creating its clients’ visions from concept to reality.

The Challenge

Prior to implementing SOTI MobiControl, Rosti struggled with three main challenges: technological support across all regions, excessive time spent travelling to manually fix device issues and a lack of security. In Europe and Asia, Rosti’s production process struggled with downtime due to problems with mobile devices. Firmware and application updates through other MDM solutions were far too complicated, and as the team onboarded new hardware and apps, it was clear that they did not work in tandem. Additionally, data collection processes were paper-based and needed to switch to a fully digital approach to improve business operations and minimize manual work.

Rosti’s Global IT Support and Operation Center, located in Poland, supports their factories globally. Regional device support was extremely time-consuming and significantly impacted the manufacturing process. IT personnel had to spend a lot of time travelling from outside the region to address issues. This resulted in lower productivity for both IT support and the device user, indicating Rosti needed to manage and solve issues remotely. Lastly, Rosti needed a solution that could improve the accuracy and speed of all devices managed by IT and ensure the consistency and standardization of all firmware and software updates.

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The Solution

After a successful proof of concept (POC), the benefits of SOTI MobiControl became undoubtedly clear. Applications that were previously installed manually are now deployed with SOTI MobiControl, giving Rosti access to remotely manage the installation and configuration. The process does not require user interaction and provides an additional layer of security and monitoring. This means users are only able to use business-related applications on the company device. All data that needs to be secure is kept safe thanks to SOTI MobiControl’s Lockdown feature.

When software updates are required, SOTI MobiControl can assist the IT team with making these updates in a simplistic and streamlined way. SOTI MobiControl ensures Rosti has all security details kept up to date. The team now feels its system is locked down, secure and no longer open to malware attacks.

The Results

Since implementing SOTI MobiControl, Rosti has recognized the flexibility and speed of executing its updated business requirements and standards across all mobile operations. Additionally, the team has benefitted from reducing downtime caused by hardware issues by more than four hours per device, per month. Rosti’s IT team can now easily trace a device’s location and check the hardware warranty for replacement devices when needed. SOTI MobiControl enables the team to deploy applications across all devices 20 times faster than before in a secure and simplified manner.

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SOTI is proud to share our achievement of the Gold partnership status in the Android Enterprise Partner Program. This partnership stands as a testament of our commitment to delivering high-quality Android Enterprise Solutions that meet Google's rigorous standards. This milestone reinforces our dedication to helping organizations succeed in their business mobility journey through close collaboration with our esteemed partner.