SOTI MobiControl Now Supports Zebra LifeGuard™ Over the Air (OTA): 3 Benefits You Should Take Advantage Of

A female warehouse worker using a device that is managed and secured by the SOTI ONE Platform

In a recent blog, one of the mentioned highlights of SOTI MobiControl 15.3 is its ability to support Zebra LifeGuard™ firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates, which also includes security patches, on Zebra mobile devices running Android™ OS.1

Security attacks continue to be an issue when you consider:

  • 58% of Android devices in the enterprise are more than two versions behind the latest operating system (OS).

  • 45% of all attacks detected on Android devices in the enterprise were caused by malicious apps loaded onto a device.

  • 36% of Android device endpoints have unauthorized sideloaded apps from sources outside a vetted Google Play Store.

  • 51% of enterprise customers want their mobile devices to last more than five years, but OS security updates usually end after three years.

Ensuring your fleet of Zebra devices is updated with the latest LifeGuard for Android security patches is critical to protecting data and maintaining end user productivity. It shouldn’t be a cumbersome process.

And now with SOTI MobiControl’s ability to enroll and deploy FOTA updates to Zebra devices, it isn’t.

Here are three time-saving and productivity-enhancing reasons you should utilize SOTI MobiControl for your Zebra FOTA activities.

1. Eliminate the Back-and-Forth Between Multiple Touchpoints

Previously, SOTI MobiControl administrators would have to interact with no less than three touchpoints to successfully deploy a LifeGuard for Android update:

  • The Zebra website to locate and download the correct firmware update.

  • The download destination (e.g. desktop file explorer) of the firmware update.

  • The SOTI MobiControl console to push the firmware update to the target device or devices.

Now, admins can manage all Zebra FOTA upgrades without having to exit the SOTI MobiControl console. This simplifies and speeds up the process of updating a Zebra device – or an entire fleet of devices – to a newer OS or the latest LifeGuard security patch.

For additional ease of use, SOTI MobiControl clearly displays and explains key setup information to help you first register your devices into Zebra LifeGuard OTA. It’s step-by-step guidance which tells you where you are in the process and what comes next.

2. Get Total Visibility into Your FOTA Upgrades

Through SOTI MobiControl, administrators now have access to key data regarding their firmware update status:

  • Status tracking: Monitor the firmware upgrade status of targeted devices to see if the update has started or if it has been successfully completed.

  • Error reporting: Get alerted whenever an error – such as deactivation of the LifeGuard FOTA client app on the Zebra device – occurs. Quickly take the appropriate steps required to manage and troubleshoot the issue and resume deployment.

This “feedback loop” is designed to help reduce update failures and maximize the security and productivity of your Zebra devices and the people who rely on them.

3. Integration with Zebra Savanna APIs

SOTI MobiControl integrates with Zebra Savanna APIs to give you real-time access to the necessary firmware for a particular device.

Additionally, it automatically identifies the available and compatible firmware versions for each Zebra device in your fleet.

Just imagine how much time you will save. Instead of having to manually visit and search the Zebra firmware update support page for the correct file, SOTI MobiControl will identify what you need so you can initiate FOTA updates faster and more efficiently than ever before.

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  1. Device should be enrolled as AE. Device should meet following OS requirements: Android N with LG Update 19 and above (TC51, TC56, TC75x); Android O and above (TC52, TC57, TC72, TC77, TC83). Zebra Data Services (ZDS) is enabled on device.