Did You Know? SOTI MobiControl Is Zebra Solution Validated

Delivery driver loading boxes into a truck while holding a handheld device that is managed and secured by SOTI MobiControl, which is Zebra Solution Validated

What you’re looking at below is the SOTI MobiControl v14.3 Solution Validation Certificate for SOTI from Zebra Technologies.


SOTI MobiControl v14.3 Zebra Solution Validation Certificate


Solution Validation gives independent software vendors (ISVs) the opportunity to have their apps tested end-to-end on Zebra devices on things like:

  • Device enrollment
  • Console data views
  • Pushing data to devices
  • Remote control of devices

If those apps and solutions work as expected and pass Zebra’s strict quality and performance measures, they are then awarded the Zebra Solution Validation Certificate. And that’s just what happened with SOTI MobiControl, which is part of the SOTI ONE Platform.


Why Does Zebra Solution Validation Matter?

Zebra products can be found in a variety of industries. For example, you might see the MC3300 scanning barcodes in a retail setting. Or you may notice the rugged TC77 being used for field services. And the next time you’re visiting your healthcare provider, see if they’ve got the TC51-HC by their side.

Whatever the device and whatever the industry, they must work. With Zebra Solution Validation, customers get total peace of mind knowing that:

  • SOTI MobiControl will work alongside their Zebra deployments
  • There’s no risk of disruption to business-critical workflows
  • Deployment costs are controlled

And while Zebra is testing SOTI, we’re testing them too. Any Zebra devices running Android are certified by our product engineers.


Learn More About Zebra and SOTI

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You can also contact us anytime regarding your Zebra deployments and the benefits of managing them using SOTI MobiControl.